About Us

Inspired by nature. Optimized by science
Having a smooth and flawless healthy skin-this is what Dr. Ruba is passionate about. We believe that no one should compromise when it comes to skin care and beauty, so we have created premium organic beauty and skin care products. These products are endorsed by a high standard organization, and offer spectacular results from inside out.
For the last 20 years, Dr. Ruba was concerned about all the chemicals that people are applying to their skin and since then she searched around the world for the most effective, safe and natural ingredients. In Dr. Ruba Organics, we believe that skincare products do not have to contain chemicals and other potentially harmful ingredients in order to be effective. Instead, we rely on nature for the safest, effective and most natural components. And being a Canadian gives us a great opportunity to harvest clean and organic raw materials.
The outcome? Organic, safe skincare, containing no toxins, no harsh or controversial chemicals with high efficacy.